Analyse gravitational-wave parameter-estimation results from SPINspiral and lalinference_mcmc
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Documentation AnalyseMCMC

AnalyseMCMC is a Fortran code that can be used to analyse and present the output of SPINspiral and lalinference_mcmc.

Input options in settings file analysemcmc.dat

Place a file called analysemcmc.dat in the directory where the MCMC output files are, and where you run analyseMCMC. If no settings file is present, the code will dump default output in HTML and png format in a new subdirectory html/ The input options in the file, with their default values, are:

Basic options

Basic options:

Print options

Select what output to print to screen and write to file:

Plot selection

Choose which plots to make:

Plot options

Detailed plot settings:

Output format

Output format for plots:

Fonts and symbols

Fonts, symbols, et cetera:

Plot, bin parameters

Select parameters to plot, bin, et cetera:

I/O units used