Analyse gravitational-wave parameter-estimation results from SPINspiral and lalinference_mcmc
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 o*analyseMCMC_1dpdfs.f90Routines to compute and plot one-dimensional PDFs
 o*analyseMCMC_2dpdf_binning.f90Routines and functions to bin data in 2D and help produce 2D marginalised PDFs
 o*analyseMCMC_2dpdf_plotting.f90Routines and functions to help plot 2D marginalised PDFs
 o*analyseMCMC_2dpdf_skymap.f90Routines to plot a 2D PDF on a sky map
 o*analyseMCMC_2dpdfs.f90Routines to compute and plot two-dimensional PDFs
 o*analyseMCMC_animation.f90Create animations for analyseMCMC
 o*analyseMCMC_chains.f90Plot chains (posterior, parameters, jumps, etc.) for analyseMCMC
 o*analyseMCMC_functions.f90General routines and functions for analyseMCMC
 o*analyseMCMC_io.f90Input/output routines for AnalyseMCMC
 o*analyseMCMC_main.f90AnalyseMCMC main routine
 o*analyseMCMC_modules.f90Modules used by analyseMCMC
 o*analyseMCMC_plot.f90Plotting routines for analyseMCMC
 o*analyseMCMC_stats.f90Compute statistics for analyseMCMC
 o*analyseMCMC_tailored.f90Produce tailored ASCII output, e.g. for (LaTeX) tables, etc
 \*analyseMCMC_textroutines.f90Text functions and routines for analyseMCMC